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An overview of the project

DMD is a software and hardware bundle for dentists

Built as part of the Master's in Human-Computer Interaction capstone project at Carnegie Mellon University, DMD is a touchscreen interface for use by dentists. It was designed using a wide range of user-centered methods and has shown itself to be several steps above software in use by dentists today. To get a brief overview of the system, read a little about our design goals and watch a quick video demo.

building 5 months in dentists offices, watching

Before building something for dentists, we spent 5 months visiting dental offices throughout Pittsburgh. These contextual inquires let us see the types of problems plaguing dentists. More…

ApplicationAddA prototype of the future

Our final prototype demonstrates the type of computer system you might see in a dental office soon. By using a touchscreen, the system can benefit both dentists and patients. More…

calendarWeekly iterations and constant user testing

Good design means failing fast and getting feedback from users as frequently as possible. To do this, we created a new version of our system every week and had real dentists use it. More…

Person IconDesigned by usability experts

We are a team of 4 Carnegie Mellon graduate students, specializing in user friendly designs. Our backgrounds include psychology, computer science, and interaction design. More…

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